Who we are

Education Futures is a national coalition of Trade Unions, Students’ Unions and others seeking public funding for a quality higher education system in the Republic of Ireland. The national campaign steering group is made up of Student Unions and Trade Unions active on third level campuses across Ireland. They are:

  • Fórsa trade union
  • TUI (Teacher’s Union of Ireland)
  • USI (Union of Students in Ireland)
  • SIPTU (Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union)
  • IFUT (Irish Federation of University Teachers)
  • ISSU (Irish Second Level Students’ Union)

Our Mission

The coalition has three aims:

1. Access

End student fees & reform the grant system

2. Decent Work

Decent terms and conditions for those who work in the sector

3. Quality

The necessary funding for a quality higher education system

GE 2020

Our first campaign is based around the 2020 General Election. We are asking local groups to provide a platform for those interested in publicly funded third level education to get involved in the campaign. Through that platform we are encouraging members of local groups to:

– Use our lobbying document to meet with general election candidates and get their support for our campaign

– Support Education Futures groups in promoting the campaign locally through protests, public meetings and debates.

How to get involved

If you want to get involved you can get in touch with your local union to see if there is a group already in place. If you are interested in setting up a group locally just download our pack.

Download the Pack

What is in the pack?

Terms of reference

This outlines who we are, what we aim to achieve and how local groups should constitute themselves and carry out work when representing Education Futures.

Read Here

Draft agenda

This serves as the agenda for the first meeting of a new local group. It is meant to serve as an indicator rather than a rule.

Read Here

Draft work plan

This is an outline of the work of the local groups covering the period up to and including the general election. Local groups can of course add to their work plan if they wish.

Read Here

Lobbying document

This is designed to help you lobby general election candidates. It covers the main areas of concern in advance of a general election

Coming Soon

Research paper

This is a document written by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) education group and the Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI) on how we might deliver a publicly funded model at third level.

Coming Soon